Meet the Candidates for Burien Police Chief

Meet the Candidates for Burien Police Chief
Posted on 04/03/2018


Burien, WA, April 3, 2018—Join the City Manager, Brian J. Wilson, to meet the candidates for the City of Burien Police Chief.

About the Event

When: April 12, 6–8 p.m.

Where: Burien Community Center, Lobby

The candidates will introduce themselves and provide a brief overview of their experience. City staff will pass out cards and collect questions from the audience, and the City Manager will facilitate asking the questions of the candidates. At the end of the program, there will be an open house setting that allows for individual or small group conversations.

Free food and interpretation for Spanish and Vietnamese will be provided. Please email [email protected] by April 9 if would like to request an interpreter for ASL or other languages.

About the Police Chief Selection Process

The City of Burien is searching for a Police Chief to lead the Burien Police Department. The City Manager is responsible for selecting a new police chief from candidates selected by the King County Sheriff.

This change in leadership provides an opportunity to have a community conversation about how the police department, and its new leadership, can best serve the Burien community. The public’s engagement on what our community would like to see in their police department and the next police chief are essential and will be used to inform the police chief selection.

This is the final event in a series of community conversations held over the last several weeks. The City has also gathered input in an online survey. Community input will be considered during the City Manager’s evaluation of candidates.

The City of Burien and the Burien Police Department remain committed to ensuring our policies and practices comply with the “immigration status ordinance,” Ordinance 651, which states City and Police personnel will not inquire or collect information about a person’s immigration status or religion.

Who are the candidates?

Captain Theodore Boe has 18 years of experience serving the public with the King County Sheriff’s Office. Captain Boe described his approach as being focused on applying customer service philosophies to law enforcement.

Captain Donald P. Davis has 25 years of experience serving the public with the King County Sheriff’s Office. Captain Davis’ experience includes field operations, training, and also various supervisory and administrative assignments.

Captain Bryan R. Howard has 26 years of experience in public service with more than 15 years in management positions with the King County Sheriff’s office. Captain Howard states that he is passionate about community service and ensuring fairness and equity for everyone he serves.

Captain Troy Olmsted has 29 years of experience serving the public in law enforcement, including almost 21 years with the King County Sherriff’s Office. Captain Olmsted states that this experience working in community relations and internal investigations positions has given him a unique background and perspective. This experience, he believes, provides him with the abilities to understand accountability as well as being comfortable interacting in community settings.

Captain Gregory A. Thomas has more than 35 years with the King County Sherriff’s Office. Captain Thomas states that he sees the City of Burien going places and his style and creativity would bring value.

About the City of Burien

The City of Burien is a vibrant and creative community, where the residents embrace diversity, celebrate arts and culture, promote vitality, and treasure the environment.