The Burien Police Department is responsible for ensuring the safety of the community through crime prevention and enforcement of the municipal code. The City of Burien contracts with King County Sheriff’s Office for police services.

Report Non-Emergency Crimes Online

If the incident you would like to report is a crime that took place in the City of Burien, please contact the Communications Center at (206) 296-3311. The Communications Center can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is also our dispatch center where you can request an officer be sent to your location. For administrative questions, including inquiries about concealed pistol licenses, please call the administrative phone number at (206) 477-2200.

Some incidents may be reported online.


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Burien Police Department

14905 6th Ave. SW
Burien, WA 98166
Ph: Non-emergency: (206) 296-3311
Ph: Administrative: (206) 477-2200
Hours: 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.Open date: Monday–Friday

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a copy of a police report?

All copies of police reports are kept in a central location at the King County Records Unit. The Records Unit is located in the King County Courthouse at 516 Third Avenue, Seattle, and can be reached at (206) 263-2626. You can fill out an online records request or you can make a written request (which must contain an original signature) and mail to King County Sheriff, 516 Third Avenue, Room W150, Seattle, WA 98104. Please include the case number and/or date and time of incident, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Allow two weeks for the Records Unit to receive a copy of your report.

I need help in another language.

You or someone else on your behalf can request an interpreter when you call the police. Multiple language options are also now available to file your report online:

  • Cambodian សេចក្តីរាយការណ៍លើបណ្ដាញអ៊ីនធឺណិត
  • Chinese 网上举报
  • Russian Подача заявления онлайн
  • Spanish Denuncias en Línea
  • Vietnamese Trình Báo Trên Mạng
How do I request an accident report?
If you were involved in an accident you can request the Traffic Collision Report from the Washington State Patrol.

Questions? Contact Washington State Patrol at (360) 570-2355 or [email protected].

If you are seeking a copy of an accident report that contains investigative records or any other case related documents (incident reports, statements, 911 calls, photos, etc.), you can make your request online.
Can I report a crime if I am an undocumented resident?

Yes. Police will not ask about your immigration status when you report a crime. King County Sheriff’s policy, as well as Burien Municipal Code, directs City staff and law enforcement personnel to not ask about a person’s immigration status.

What is the false alarm ordinance?

Burien’s Verified Response Ordinance went into effect in October 2004. Under Burien's ordinance, police will only respond to mechanical alarms:

  • Upon verification by a third party.
  • That a crime or emergency requires police response.
  • Has or is occurring at the alarm location.

Police respond to personally-activated panic, duress, and robbery alarms.

For more information on the City of Burien False Alarm Response Ordinance, contact the False Alarm Coordinator at (206) 477-2253.

The City issues invoices for monthly false alarm infractions.

  • False alarm response fee: An alarm system monitoring company will be assessed a false alarm response fee of $150.00 for each false alarm.
  • Call cancellation fee: An alarm system monitoring company will be assessed a call cancellation fee of $100.00 if the company calls police dispatch to respond to an alarm and then they call back to cancel the response prior to police arrival at the alarmed premises.
  • Prohibited call fee: An alarm system monitoring company will be assessed a prohibited call fee of $100.00 for a call to police dispatch requesting police response to an alarm that has not been verified.

False alarm fees are billed by the City of Burien accounts receivable department. The invoice will be issued to the monitoring company or to the address on file for a private alarm.

To appeal or contest a false alarm fee, please keep in mind the following:

  • There is only one fee per appeal.
  • The appeal must be submitted in writing to the chief of police.
  • You must submit your appeal within 30 days of billing notice.
  • You must appear in person.
How do I obtain a concealed pistol license (CPL)?

Visit the King County Sheriff Office's website to learn more about concealed pistol licenses.

Do you offer fingerprinting services?

Fingerprint services are no longer offered by by the King County Sheriff's Office. Download list of alternate locations for general fingerprinting.

Learn more on the King County website.