Burien Source Control Inspection Program

Beginning January 2023, the City of Burien is launching a source control inspection program to help prevent stormwater pollution from businesses, commercial properties, and publicly owned properties. This program implements federal and state requirements, but more importantly, it helps keep our streams, lakes, and groundwater healthy for residents, businesses, and wildlife.

The goal of the program is to reduce and stop potential pollution sources from entering the storm drainage system, which lead to local water bodies like creeks and streams.

What is source control?

Spills or improperly stored materials outdoors can wash pollutants into storm drains or other bodies of water when it rains. Stormwater source control is an approach to finding potential pollution sources and stopping them from mixing with rainwater and entering the storm drains. Your business may already be practicing many source control tactics, like closing dumpster lids and properly storing hazardous materials.

What are source control best management practices

Best practice management practices (BMPs) are activities that reduce or prevent water pollution. Some source control BMPs include closing your dumpster lid, having a spill kit prepared, and never washing pollutants like soap or mop water down the storm drains.

Other BMPs are specific to the types of activities that occur at your site. The Department of Ecology provides information on business activity-specific BMPs. Visit the Source Control BMP Library for more information.

What businesses are part of the inspection program?

The City's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit provides guidance for what types of businesses should be included in a source control program. These include a wide variety of business types and commercial entities that may (or do) generate pollutants that could come in contact with rainwater. The inventory includes both public and privately owned properties. Some examples of business types included in this program are restaurants, automotive sales and/or repair, and dry cleaners. Numerous other business types are also included in this program, as well as commercial properties with an increased risk of stormwater contamination.

What do businesses need to do to prepare?

  • Review and update your spill plan
  • Make sure your spill kit is fully stocked and easily accessible
  • Identify and implement source control BMPs that make sense for your location
  • Depending on your location, a site map may be helpful for the inspector to review with the property owner or businesses owner.

For more information around what your property can do to reduce pollution, reference the Burien Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual or find more information on our website.


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