The City of Burien encourages residents to volunteer in support of their local community. There are volunteer opportunities in a variety of departments in the City, from participating in a park clean-up to serving on an advisory committee.

Advisory Boards and Commissions

Residents are invited to apply to participate on Citizen Advisory Boards. Appointments are made by the City Council.

Learn more about advisory boards and commissions.

Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services

There are many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year in our PaRCS department. You can help with a community event, support one of our many community programs, commit to a specific park project, or make a long-term commitment to an individual park through the Adopt-A-Park program. Your commitment can be as flexible and as short-term as you need it to be.

For more information about PaRCS volunteer opportunities, contact Gabbi Gonzales, Recreation Coordinator.


The Adopt-A-Park program works with individuals, groups and organizations to provide restoration services in Burien’s parks and open spaces. The City relies on community volunteers to help with park stewardship.

Participants under age 18 need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver form. Participants age 13 years and under need to also have an adult participate.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Lisa Aumann.

Afterschool Programs

The Burien Youth and Teen programs relies on volunteers for many of their programs that happen afterschool and during the summer. The Youth and Teen Program is always looking for:

  • Adult Mentors for the afterschool and late night programs
  • Professionals/Instructors to teach a skill
  • Teenagers that want work/intern experience

Community Events

The PaRCS department relies on volunteers to help with the many community events that are put on throughout the year.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Gabbi Gonzales.

Senior Program

The Burien Senior program relies on volunteers for many of their programs, including pro-bono legal advice and help with navigating Medicare. The Senior Program is always looking for:

  • Van drivers
  • Instructors

Beach Naturalist Program

The City of Burien partners with Seattle Aquarium to offer the Beach Naturalist program at Seahurst Park, offering a fun way for residents to explore local marine life and discover the importance of the beach ecosystem.

Contact the Seattle Aquarium at (206) 386-4344 or email [email protected] with your name and contact information to learn more.

Public Safety

Neighborhood Block Watch

Neighborhood Block Watch is a neighborhood-based crime prevention program designed to reduce crime and the fear of crime in residential areas. Burien Police can help you start a block watch in your neighborhood.

Learn more about the Neighborhood Block Watch program.

Citizen Emergency Response Team

Be prepared for the next emergency or disaster by completing the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) training offered by Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority.

Learn more about the CERT program

Community Police Academy

The Community Police Academy is designed to increase understanding between residents and their police departments through public education. The program is free for anyone who lives or works in Burien or SeaTac.

Learn more about the Community Police Academy.

Citizen Patrol

The Citizens Patrol is a group of community members who donate their time to the Burien Police Department.  The patrol provides several services to the department including, but not limited to:

  • Providing citizen call backs. The patrol reaches out to recent victims of theft, burglary, veh prowls, etc.  They inquire as to how the victims are doing and how they felt the services they were provided went.
  • False alarm reports. The patrol documents any false alarms and sends the reports to the City for billing of fees the false alarms incur.
  • Coordinate and provide information for block watch programs. Organize National Night Out.
  • Distribute city council packets for City Council Meetings.
  • Provide and staff a tent at different community meetings, events, and celebrations.
  • Pair up and drive around problem areas and parks in the Citizens Patrol Car.

To join the Citizen Patrol, you must first complete the Community Police Academy. Then you can apply and go through a comprehensive background check. 

Contact the Burien Community Service Officer (CSO) for information on how to apply.

14905 6th Ave SW, Burien, WA 98166
(206) 477-2200

Community Court

Community court is an alternative problem-solving court that seeks to go beyond punitive actions to identify and address the underlying challenges of court participants that may contribute to further criminal activity. The court addresses things like theft, shoplifting, trespassing, and other low-level offenses.

Want to help?

Please contact Ericka Cooley: (206) 409-0212 or [email protected].

Learn more about the program.



C.A.R.E.S. relies on volunteers to help with day-to-day shelter operations, animal care, and special events.  Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age.  All volunteers are required to participate in an initial orientation/training session, as well as subsequent on-the-job training.

For more information or to volunteer, contact C.A.R.E.S.

Burien/Normandy Park Fire Department Volunteer Program

King County Fire District #2 maintains a volunteer program to supplement its career staff. The role of a volunteer is to assist firefighters in the course of their duties, including assisting in the tasks of firefighting, mitigating medical emergencies, and participating in public education and fire prevention activities.

For more information or to volunteer, contact the fire department.

Environmental Stewardship

There are a number of environmental stewardship and restoration opportunities throughout the year. 

Contact [email protected] to learn more.


Join your neighbors in adopting a storm drain to protect the environment and help prevent flooding. Keep you neighborhood clean and protect Burien streams, creeks, and lakes!

What does it mean to adopt a drain?  By adopting a drain, you will be making a commitment to monitor and maintain a storm drain of your choice. Volunteers dedicate around fifteen minutes, twice a month, to provide care to their drain.  We ask that you make a volunteer profile so we can keep track of the amazing work you've put into building a stronger and cleaner community!

As a volunteer you will be able to create a positive impact by: 

  • Preventing flooding in your neighborhood by keeping drains free of debris.
  • Preventing pollutants from entering our lakes, rivers, creeks, and the Puget Sound, which impact the habitat for fish and other wildlife.
  • Helping the city maintain our infrastructure, especially during fall months when rain increases and falling leaves block the drains. 

To get started visit wa.adopt-a-drain.org and pick a drain that will be easy for you to access and take care of. This could mean picking one near your home, school, business or somewhere you go frequently.  You can also sign up as a family, a business, or a community group!

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