The number one thing small businesses tell us they want help with is marketing. A small business can use a number of techniques to reach their customers. Here’s a guide to just a few, including some City resources to help you connect with the community.

Social Media

If you are having a grand opening, celebrating a milestone anniversary, or you have another piece of big news that would interest the general community, you may be able to get featured on the City’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for free.

Contact us to learn more about how the City might be able to feature your event in the City’s social media activities.

Burien Magazine

Burien Magazine is produced by the City of Burien and is both a print and online publication. The magazine features stories of City programs and services, profiles of Burien’s community leaders, stories that inspire a sense of connection and community, and important educational information to help improve the quality of life for residents. Our ultimate goal is to inspire a civic pride in our community and local businesses.

The magazine is supported by advertising from local businesses. Not only does this help support an important method for your local government to reach you with vital information, but it also supports our local economy by offering local businesses an affordable yet effective way to advertise directly to local customers. Learn more about how to advertise in Burien Magazine. 

Shop Local Burien

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. Creating a prosperous digital economy for Burien businesses supports additional economic growth and builds future economic resiliency for our community. The "digital main street" website Shop Local Burien makes it easier for customers to find, shop and support Burien businesses. There is no cost to businesses to participate. Contact us to learn more.

Business Networks

Many businesses understand that even in today’s digital world, word of mouth recommendations and relationships are what drive customers to their door. Making connections within the local business community can be an effective means to marketing your business. Burien has a couple of business groups that may help you connect.

  • Discover Burien is a local nonprofit dedicated to economic development and community engagement. Discover Burien showcases businesses by running many of the city’s events that draw thousands of people and inviting businesses to participate via sponsorship or vendor booths. Discover Burien puts on some of the community’s favorite special events such as the weekly Farmers Market, the Father’s Day Car Show, and Boo in Burien (just to name a few) that really draw the crowds.

Training and Classes

The rules of search engine optimization and social media advertising seem to change every minute making it hard for the average business owner to stay up to date. The good news is there are resources to make sure that you and your business aren’t left behind.

Updated August 12, 2022