Business Attraction

Burien’s business attraction efforts seek to cultivate a diverse economy, create jobs, and provide economic opportunities for all members of the community. Our team gets new businesses and development projects off the ground quickly and provides follow-up support and accessibility that isn’t possible in a larger city. Businesses are finding our strong customer focus, central location and regional economic connections allow them the resources to run a big city business in the comfort of a small town.

Our staff proactively recruit businesses and developments that are aligned with the community’s vision including hotels and offices. Unlike some communities in the area who are afraid of growth, Burien embraces it and knows that every new business or new development is another investment in our community.

Burien Farmer's Market


Recruiting Burien Believers

A "Burien believer" is someone who looks outside of the usual places in Seattle or Bellevue and gets excited by the ground floor opportunities in Burien. Just ask recent newcomers like Merrill Gardens, PCC Community Markets, Legacy Development, or Bakery Nouveau how they became Burien Believers—it all started with a tour. We find the best way to understand Burien’s draw is to walk the downtown streets and experience the main street feel for yourself. Economic development staff frequently give tours to prospective businesses and developers, and we always enjoy the opportunity to do so. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

Placemaking and Talent Attraction

As the workforce preference for an urban core environment has evolved, Burien has made urban placemaking a major focus of City economic development to attract businesses. The community has made major investments in the downtown as it develops into a multi-modal urban core, including the recently completed $193 million Burien Town Square development. Placemaking has been focused on creating an vibrant space where employees want to live and work, and employers want to locate.


Branding and Marketing—Telling the Story

Burien is one of the Puget Sound’s hottest up-and-coming communities, and also one of its best kept secrets. The community has been growing organically since incorporation, and has spent the last two decades making strategic investments in infrastructure and City planning to prime the pump for growth.

Burien’s City Council has made economic development a City priority, and cleared the way for businesses and developers to take the lead in the next stage of investment. With a recently completed rebranding project, the communications and economic development divisions are collaborating on business attraction and marketing initiatives to show the region and nation Burien’s is ready for its close-up.