Burien's Zoning Code (Title 19 of the Municipal Code) is organized using charts for each zone in the city. Using the zoning map, find the property you are interested in and the corresponding zone. Then, find the set of use zone charts in Zoning Code Chapter 19.15 that correspond with the zone in which you're interested. 

Use Zone Charts

The first page of each set of charts (Chapter 15 of Title 19 of the Municipal Code) provides any special regulations applying to all properties in that zone, along with a brief description of the purpose and intent of the zone. On each chart, listed in the left column, are the uses allowed in that zone. Along the top row are the regulations that apply to that use (such as height limit and parking requirements). 

Each row contains all of the basic regulations and requirements for each use. More details for each regulation can be found in the Zoning Code chapter referenced in the chart. The far right column in each chart includes special regulations applying to each use. Words in italics are defined in Zoning Code Chapter 19.10.


Periodically, the Zoning Code is updated or new sections are added. A list of ordinances, including ordinances amending the Zoning Code, can be found here.