Site Location/Expansion Assistance

Thank you for choosing Burien as the place for your business to grow. Whether you are outgrowing your current location or you would like to locate to Burien, we are here to help you determine the best option for your growing business’s needs.

Now locating your business in Burien is even easier! The City no longer requires businesses to provide additional parking or pay a parking fee if they are moving into existing buildings downtown.

How we can help

City staff are not licensed real estate brokers, but we can help narrow down your search for a location based on your criteria, zoning, and what space is available. City staff cannot negotiate lease or sale terms for you—that is up to you, your real estate broker, and the property owner or manager.

Economic development staff can also help you know what to expect in the permitting process and be your advocate inside city hall.

Step 1: Search available properties.

Contact us to help you in your search, or search our free database for available Burien properties.

Pro Tip: Before you sign the lease, make sure you talk to city staff to identify any possible issues or costs for that location. You want no surprises after you commit to the property.

Step 2: Get your team together

Sometimes setting up your business is as simple as hanging a new sign over the door. But, if your needs are a little more complicated, you should hire professionals such as real estate brokers, architects, or contractors before you sign your lease. Having a professional team will save you valuable time in the permitting process and will get your business open sooner.

Pro Tip: When hiring an architect or contractor to help you with city permits, make sure they have experience with your type of business, and that they have worked in the City of Burien before. This will save you time and money in professional fees.

Step 3: Apply for permits

While we do our best to make our permitting process easy and predictable, sometimes it can be confusing. City staff want to help you through the process and get your business open as soon as possible. We have a wealth of permitting information, but also please contact us at any time and we’ll guide you through.

Step 4: Connect with the community

Once the work is underway and you are getting ready to open your doors, we can assist your marketing efforts and help you get connected with the community.