Trees and Urban Forest Management

The City of Burien works with residents and businesses to maximize the aesthetic, environmental, and economic benefits that trees provide by managing, preserving, and enhancing Burien’s existing tree canopy and vegetation.

The City manages major street planting projects and the inspection, pruning, and removal of hazardous trees on public property.

Tree Regulations and Permit Requirements

During their October 3, 2022 meeting, the Burien City Council adopted new tree regulations to protect trees on private property in Burien. The regulations go into effect on October 12, 2022. While fines will not go into effect until March 1, 2023, the City of Burien will keep a record of violations.

Call before you cut! The City of Burien arborist and urban forest planner is available to answer questions on the revised code and tree removal.

Green Burien Partnership

The Green Burien Partnership brings together community members and private and public agency partners to restore and care for Burien’s parks and urban forests. Learn more about the program.

Urban Forest Stewardship Plan

In 2018, the Burien City Council established an ambitious goal—that Burien’s tree canopy would cover 40 percent of the city by 2038. In 2020, the Burien City Council approved an urban forest stewardship plan that outlines strategies and actions needed to meet that goal.

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Updated December 15, 2022