Linda Akey

Linda AkeyTime on Council

Current term: January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2027

Position: 2

Time in office: 2024 to present


[email protected]

Boards and Committees


"I’m committed to building a safe, livable Burien where everyone feels connected, heard, and empowered."

Linda Akey has called Burien home since 2019. As a seasoned nonprofit consultant and active community leader, she's witnessed firsthand the city's strengths and challenges. This experience fueled her passion for serving on the City Council and making Burien a safer, more livable place for all.

Akey brings a diverse background to the City Council, encompassing roles in childcare, telecommunications, banking, and nonprofit consulting. This wealth of experience, coupled with her bachelor's degree in Sociology and Public Administration, gives her the skills and insight needed to tackle Burien's complex issues and build a vibrant, sustainable community.

Akey’s dedication to service extends beyond her professional life. Raised in a family that instilled the value of volunteerism, she has dedicated herself to making a difference wherever she's lived. In Burien, this commitment shines through in her diverse contributions. She has served on influential boards including as Chair of the Burien Business and Economic Development Partnership (BEDP) and a director of the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, as well as membership with the Burien Creative District lending her expertise and voice to tackle the city's challenges and champion its potential. Akey’s collaborative spirit also extends beyond boardrooms. She has been a driving force in various chambers of commerce actively supporting local businesses and economic growth.

As your City Councilmember, Akey is focused on making Burien a safer, livable community by:

  • Tackling homelessness: Through collaboration and compassionate solutions, working to ensure everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.
  • Enhancing public safety: Supporting Investments in effective resources and community partnerships, creating a secure and protected Burien for all.
  • Connecting neighborhoods: Improved roads, bridges, and public transportation and fostering accessibility and building a more dynamic city.
  • Supporting economic growth: Nurturing small businesses, attracting new opportunities, and promoting living wage jobs which are keys to building an innovative, sustainable economy.
  • Protecting our environment: Responsible resource management and clean energy initiatives ensuring Burien is a healthy and sustainable community for future generations.
  • Fostering a vibrant community: Recognizing the strength in Burien's diversity and rich culture, Akey is dedicated to creating spaces for inclusivity, connection, and celebration, contributing to a stronger, more united Burien.

Akey believes in listening to your concerns, working collaboratively with residents and community leaders, and building a safer, livable Burien where everyone can flourish. Reach out to her through email or attend City Council meetings to share your thoughts and be part of shaping the future of our community.

    Updated January 22, 2024