Hearing Examiner

The City of Burien contracts with an independent Hearing Examiner who conducts fair and impartial quasi-judicial hearings on certain land use applications and appeals of City land use decisions and code enforcement actions under provisions of Burien Municipal Code Chapter 2.15.

Testimony can be presented orally at the hearing or in writing before the hearing. All information to be considered by the Hearing Examiner must be presented before the Hearing Examiner closes the hearing. No one may contact the Hearing Examiner directly outside of their hearing; all communication with the Hearing Examiner must go through the City’s designated Clerk to the Hearing Examiner.

The resulting Hearing Examiner’s findings will either be a recommendation to the Burien City Council or a final decision that may be appealed to King County Superior Court, depending on the type of application or appeal being heard.

The Hearing Examiner’s findings must be consistent with applicable state law and the ordinances and policies adopted by the Burien City Council. Hearings and pre-hearing procedures are governed by the Rules of Procedure for Proceedings before the Hearing Examiner of the City of Burien, Washington.

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Updated November 15, 2021