To prevent polluted stormwater in Burien, the City of Burien works with residents, nonprofits, and other government agencies to reduce stormwater runoff and prevent harmful chemicals, toxins, and wastes from coming into contact with our local bodies of water. Preventing polluted stormwater runoff is a critical issue in our community and requires participation from government, businesses, schools, community groups, and residents alike.

View our interactive stormwater mapping tool to view approximate locations of all public and private storm drainage infrastructure in Burien (storm drains, pipes, ditches, etc.). Also available is parcel information, topography and elevation contours.

Help us prevent stormwater pollution

Four ways you can help us protect our local environment and water quality!

Learn what is allowed to enter the stormwater system.

Burien Municipal Code prohibits certain products from being dumped or released into the City’s stormwater system.

Prohibited and Allowed Discharge into Surface and Stormwater Systems 

How to report spills or illegal dumping.

If you witness or observe a liquid spill or illegal dumping of liquid onto the street or into the City's storm system, you have the following options for reporting:

If it is an immediate threat to life or safety (i.e. major oil spill, light pole transformer spill, etc.), call 9-1-1. They will contact the City for assistance.

If it is not an emergency, you can: 

Follow stormwater development regulations if you are building in Burien.

If you are planning on developing in Burien, protect yourself and your downstream neighbors by following Burien stormwater development regulations.

Learn how you as a resident and business owner can prevent stormwater pollution.

From installing rain gardens, to taking your car to the car wash, there are a number of everyday actions you can take to protect our water quality.

Updated August 19, 2022