Business License

In addition to a business license from the State of Washington, a City of Burien business license is required to conduct business within Burien city limits. Operating a business within City limits without a City of Burien business license (also known as a “city endorsement”) is a violation of City law. If you are not sure if you will do business within the City limits, contact the City at (206) 241-4647 before you apply.

Application Process

You can apply for your City of Burien business license at the same time as you apply for a Washington State business license from the Department of Revenue.

Before signing a lease, reach out to a planner to make sure that the location will be approved for the business use. Additionally, if you will have more than one business located on a single property, you must complete a separate application for each business.

The City will review your business license application to make sure your business follows City codes. See "City Review Process" for details.

Once all reviews are completed, you will be issued your business license from the state.

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License Type and Fees 

Application Review and Permit Requirements

Updated December 28, 2023