Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Community Development staff create and maintain the City of Burien's Comprehensive Plan, which is the 20 year master plan for the growth of the city. In addition, staff create plans to improve specific neighborhoods and focus areas, which are called subarea plans. .

Proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are carefully considered every year. There is a three-month application period from December 31 through March 30 for proposing an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan.

Complete details on this process are found in the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezone Application. To apply for an amendment, you must download and complete a Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application.

Site-specific amendments may require a rezone application. This is a two-step process, which requires the Comprehensive Plan amendment be approved prior to applying for a rezone.

Through review and a public meeting, the Planning Commission recommends which proposed amendments should be considered for the Comprehensive Plan amendment work program.

The City Council reviews the recommendations and determines which proposed amendments to include in the annual work program by May 1.
The Planning Commission conducts the final review and public hearings and makes Final Review recommendations to the City Council.

The City Council approves or denies proposed amendments.