4th Ave SW Pedestrian Improvement

Project Location

This project is located along 4th Avenue SW between SW 156th and SW 160th Streets.

Project Overview

This project will provide pedestrian improvements for better accessibility and promotion of pedestrian (school children) safety.

This project will consider:

  • Non-ADA-compliant curb access ramps at street intersections.
  • Six-foot-wide sidewalk and standard traffic curb and gutter on the east side of the street.
  • Additional street lights.
  • Pedestrian hybrid beacon at SW 158th Street.
  • Minor channelization improvements.

Diagram of street project.

Project Status

Final design (including right-of-way and environmental considerations) will be completed in June 2025.

Construction to start in late summer 2025.

Project manager

Brian Victor, PE
Capital Project Manager
(206) 241-4647
[email protected]

Updated June 25, 2024