Parking Enforcement

The City of Burien enforces parking laws on a citywide basis in an effort to improve compliance with parking regulations. Parking may be prohibited for safety reasons, such as near a crosswalk or areas designated "No Parking Any Time". There may be limits on the amount of time a vehicle may park to support the needs of businesses, or parking may be reserved for a special group, such as individuals with disabilities. 

Burien's parking enforcement objectives are to enhance public safety, ease parking congestion, and promote business parking turnover throughout the city by enforcing regulations.

Report an Issue

When vehicles are parked in violation of a parking regulation, a citation may be issued. All parking violations are written into:

Burien Municipal Court  
601 SW 149 St.
Burien, WA 98166

(206) 205-9200 

Burien parking regulations may be found in the Burien Municipal Code, Chapter 10.15

Common Parking Violations

Here is a list of Burien's most common parking violations. Click on the violation type to see a description of the violation and the associated penalties.

Updated July 6, 2023