Crime Reports and Data

Burien crime statistics and information from the King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) can be viewed one of many ways. Looking for documentation about a specific incident? Make a KCSO public records request.

Public Crime Data

CrimeReports is a service used by more than a 1,000 law enforcement agencies across the country. The data on CrimeReports is sent by KCSO on a regular basis to be included on the map. If you have reported an incident or crime to, it will likely not appear on the map right away. Some crimes are not displayed because they are part of an ongoing investigation. KCSO may delay posting an incident until its investigation is completed as prematurely releasing information to the public may harm those investigations.

Public Safety Reports

The annual public safety report contains information on the service efforts and accomplishments of the Burien Police Department to support its mission, goals, and objectives. The goal of the report is to keep the City of Burien residents, staff, administrators, and elected officials informed of police service and crime activity in the city. The report is produced by the City of Burien Police Department in partnership with the KCSO Research, Planning and Informational Services and Contracts Units. Questions about the report can be directed to the Burien police chief.  

Beginning in January 2018, the King County Sheriff’s Department and Burien Police will change their crime reporting system from UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) to NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System). NIBRS produces more information regarding victims, offenders, property, and arrestee information on the original eight UCR offenses plus 48 other offenses with up to 10 incidents per offense. It will be difficult to make comparisons of crime year-over-year between these two reporting methods.

Community Feedback on Police Services and Leadership in Burien 

To inform the selection of a new police chief, the City of Burien launched in early 2018 a community engagement effort to hear from residents on how police services can best serve the Burien community. City staff organized a series of public meetings throughout the city, as well as an online survey, to gather community feedback. This report shares the results of the community engagement effort, as well as the emergency town hall meeting on youth violence and community safety.

Office of Law Enforcement and Oversight

The Office of Law Enforcement Oversight (OLEO) represents the interests of the public in its efforts to hold KCSO accountable for providing fair and just police services. Through its independent review, OLEO seeks to instill confidence and public trust in the integrity of KCSO operations and in the effectiveness and professionalism of its employees. OLEO conducts outreach to the communities KCSO serves and provides oversight and recommendations through reviews and investigations of misconduct complaints and systemic issues. OLEO issues public reports and makes recommendations on policies and practices to KCSO.

Police Studies


Updated November 10, 2022