Seahurst Park Slide Repair Project

Project Status

  • Construction work is ongoing through April 2024. SW Seahurst Park Road will have intermittent closures and be limited to one lane for the duration of the project. Vehicular access to the lower parking lot is being controlled by automated stop lights that direct traffic entering and leaving the park, expect delays. 

Project Overview

This project in Seahurst Park will repair the land slide that happened in 2014 on the south side of SW Seahurst Park Road. There will improvements to the road that include the construction of a soldier pile retaining wall with 544 square feet of timber lagging, installation of storm sewers, grading, erosion control, slope stabilization, removal and replacement of curb, gutter, sidewalk, asphalt shared use path, hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement, striping, and other work.

On Monday, February 19, 2024, Seahurst Park will be closed for the removal of 21 alder (Alnus rubra) and bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum) trees will occur to provide clearance for the operation of equipment involved in repairing the landslide next to the road. The equipment will be used to pound in large piles to create a wall and requires approximately 70 feet of clearance to operate.

These trees are overhanging the work zone and have small amounts of canopy, which is typical of trees growing in a forested environment with limited sunlight. Due to the trees leaning over the road and small amounts of live canopy, pruning for clearance would result in little to no live canopy remaining on the trees. The extent of pruning required would result in possible decay, decline, and maintenance concerns for the trees, making removal of these trees a better longterm option. The trees being removed are shorter-lived tree species in fair-to-good condition. Many of these trees are reaching maturity and may start to decline in the coming years.

These trees will be cut at approximately five feet above the ground to help maintain slope stability and provide wildlife habitat. The trees will likely sprout near the base, helping to keep the roots alive and helping maintain slope stability while we restore the site.

All trees that are being removed to accommodate the work will be replaced with a mix of longer-lived evergreens typically found in the Puget Sound region and understory plants. The mix of trees will improve ecological function over time. Since evergreen trees maintain their leaves all year, they are better at slowing stormwater and cleaning our air. Overall, this provides us with an opportunity to improve the work site safety while restoring the area with longer-lived evergreens and increase tree diversity along the Seahurst entryway.

SW Seahurst Park Road will have intermittent closures and be limited to one lane for the duration of the project. Access to the park and the lower lot will still be available. 

Project Timeline

February – April 2024


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Updated February 15, 2024