Seahurst Park Seawall removal & Beach Restoration Project

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The shoreline of Seahurst Park plays a vital role in restoring the health of Puget Sound, and a healthy Puget Sound will help Pacific Northwest salmon recover.

The Seahurst Park Shoreline Restoration project installed a new playground, picnic facilities, and a restored beach. Access to the beach was greatly enhanced, as a designed by-product of restoring the beach slopes and materials. The restored shoreline is now home to a variety of wildlife including bald eagles, osprey, great blue heron, and other shorebirds, being drawn in by schools of fish along the shallows.

Seahurst Park re-opened to the public on August 25, 2014.

This project restored the beach habitat to benefit endangered salmon and subsequently renovate the upland portions of the park impacted by the habitat restoration project. While the project followed the same process as for the South Shoreline project completed December 2008, the north shoreline renovation was much larger in scale, affecting the park from north of the Marine Technology Lab all the way south to the south creek and lower parking lot.

The City of Burien partnered with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and WRIA-9. 

Seahurst Park Shoreline Restoration Project (2014)


Seahurst Park Beach Restoration: Phase 1 (2004–2005)

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