Moshier Memorial Park

430 S 156th Street

Moshier Memorial Park offers 15.2 acres of developed athletic fields, an arts center and parking. Amenities include expansive open fields for soccer, baseball, softball or other field sports.

Park History

Moshier Park actually began in downtown Burien. In 1904, Alexander and Zilla Bigelow, having walked five miles from South Park to Burien, purchased five acres on the north side of 152nd at 4th Ave. SW. The Bigelows slept in an old tent and hauled water from a spring near Five Corners until they could get their “lumber in and a shack built.” 

Eventually, the Bigelows donated property on 4th Ave. SW and SW 152nd for a county playfield. In subsequent years of commercial and retail growth, this area became the heart of the Burien business district, and the property was exchanged for a parcel at 6th Ave. S and S 156th, which featured a playfield and clubhouse.

King County Parks Superintendant George Wyse oversaw the expansion of park so that include use of school programs and the signing of the first contract with the Highline School District in 1958 for joint park-school use. The PaRCS department developed the outdoor facilities at Moshier Park and gained the use of the Highline High School gym for recreational programs.

The Highline Project at Highline High School was promoted by Associated Clubs of South King County. Bill Moshier of Shorewood was active in a group of residents who developed a plan for an extensive array of ball fields to be built in Burien. When Bill died suddenly, Moshier Field was named in his memory. Moshier served as a King County Commissioner in 1958, and was one of the initial members of King County Metro's 15-member governing Council.

In 1962, King County established the first county arts center and year-round arts program at William Moshier Memorial Park. Between 1962 and 1972, the Center was redesigned to accommodate pottery and jewelry programs.

In 1968, King County voters approved Proposition 6, a Forward Thrust Parks and Recreation bond, which included $39,400 for facilities improvements at Moshier Park. The Moshier complex included three lighted softball/baseball fields, one lighted 90-foot softball/baseball field, two lighted football/soccer fields, and a public restroom.

Moshier Park was one of nine King County Parks in Burien that was transferred to the City in 1994.

Updated April 2, 2020