Linde Hill Park

651 SW 141st Street

This small neighborhood park was jointly developed by the City's Public Works Department and PaRCS department. It began as a stormwater surge retention pond project, but after PaRCS staff suggested it could also serve as a small park, it was redesigned to support public access and to control stormwater runoff.

Park History

The Burien City Council named this park for its geographic and historic reference to the subdivision surrounding the park which was developed in the 1940s. O.R. Linde was a land developer and the owner of the South Seattle Land Company. Clark Hill was the sales manager who helped plat and develop portions of Burien. Linde and Hill developed affordable houses for returning veterans and others in the 1940’s. Like similar neighborhood areas that were developed in the early days (e.g. Seahurst Park, Boulevard Park), the surrounding neighborhood in this area was platted as “Linde Hill Park." 

Updated April 2, 2020