Lakeview Park

422 SW 160th Street

Lakeview Park is a 2.8 acre neighborhood park and offers a playground for youth, basketball court, open lawn area, picnic spaces, and the Burien Toyota & Chevrolet Dog Park.

Park History

Lakeview School opened in 1955 with eight classrooms. Four classrooms were later added. The school was built over a period of nine years and it closed in 1975. On September 28, 1983, the Highline School District leased Lakeview Park to King County.

The Lakeview site was declared surplus to the educational needs of the Highline School District in March, 1997. The District then sought the sale or long-term lease of the property. Sunnydale Museum and the Highline Historical Society Archives occupied a portion of the building.

On February 4, 2000, the City of Burien assumed conditions of the lease. Finding that parks and playfields were in short supply in this part of the city, it leased 3.3 acres of the southerly and easterly portions of the Lakeview site for park and recreational purposes.

Updated April 2, 2020