Statement from City of Burien Administration

Statement from City of Burien Administration
Posted on 08/01/2023
News Release text overlaid on photo of Burien City Hall with Burien logo in lower right corner.

False information is circulating throughout the community that accuses the Burien City Council of rejecting an offer of $1 million from King County for the purpose of establishing a site for temporary housing. 

The Burien City Council did not reject the offer presented by King County; the offer is not contingent upon a vote of acceptance by the Burien City Council and remains available through the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA). The Burien City Council remains committed to exploring fully the issue of temporary housing for the unhoused community and directed the City Manager to investigate potential partnerships and sites in and outside the city of Burien. 

City personnel have identified several potential sites, including a facility operated by REBLX, a partner agency of KCRHA. All sites remain under consideration until an exhaustive review has been completed by City personnel and shared with the City Council.