Statement from City of Burien

Statement from City of Burien
Posted on 03/31/2023
Statement from City of Burien.

Today the Burien Condo Association began enforcement of their new policy which bans overnight camping on the Burien Library and City Hall property. The prohibition is part of a new code of conduct the Burien Condo Association adopted.

Service providers have been working intensively to find housing or shelter for the people living in tents.  

The Burien Condo Association, a legal agreement between King County Library System (KCLS) and City of Burien, was formed in 2010 when the shared civic building housing the Burien Library and Burien City Hall opened. The Burien Library and City Hall building is managed through the Burien Condo Association. City staff and KCLS staff sit on the board. Changes in building policy, including new codes of conduct, must be approved by the Burien Condo Association.

City of Burien staff are aware that some individuals have moved their tents and belongings to a property owned by the City of Burien in downtown Burien on 152nd St. The City of Burien does not have a law that prohibits camping on public property, with the narrow exception of dedicated park spaces. This land is not park property and therefore is not subject to the park policy banning overnight camping.

The City of Burien is currently reviewing options to address community concerns.