Downtown Burien Stormwater Survey

Survey Invites Community Feedback on Stormwater Management in Downtown Burien
Posted on 08/11/2022
Salmon leaping out of water.

The City of Burien is developing an action plan to improve water conditions for fish and wildlife in Miller Creek. The plan will identify steps the City can take to reduce the harmful effects of stormwater runoff. The project team choose Miller Creek and the Downtown Burien neighborhood because stormwater runoff from this area is not likely to improve without intervention from the City. Other municipal projects in the same area means that stormwater projects can work with other City projects to accomplish more together.

The community is invited to help prioritize projects and programs that could improve the condition of Miller Creek, with a focus in the Downtown neighborhood. After we receive community feedback on projects and programs, the project team will create a stormwater management action plan for Miller Creek that will outline the timeline, resources, and funding needed to implement the proposed solutions.

Take the survey. The survey closes on August 26, 2022.