Burien Plastic Bag Ban Resumes October 1, 2021

Law Prohibits Burien Businesses from Providing Single-use Carryout Plastic Bags at Point of Sale
Posted on 08/20/2021
City of Burien Plastic Bag Ban. Green circle with line through it. October 1, 2021. Photo of plastic bag.

Starting October 1, 2021, the Burien plastic bag ban will go back into effect. The effective date is in alignment with Washington’s statewide plastic bag ban (RCW.70A.530).

This law prohibits businesses from providing single-use carryout plastic bags at the point of sale and affects all retail businesses within the city of Burien, including grocery stores, convenience stores, fast food, and temporary retailers and vendors such as at farmers markets and festivals.

Specifically, the plastic bag ban ordinance:

  • Bans plastic bags from being provided at point of sale.
  • Requires business owners collect a minimum 10-cent charge for paper bags.
  • Allows businesses to keep the 10-cent charge.
  • Exempts damp or contaminated items, such as roasted chicken bags.
  • Exempts in-store plastic bags like produce bags, bulk item bags, and bags for meat.
  • Provides encouragement to food banks, who will be exempt from the ban, to transition away from plastic bags.

For more information: burienwa.gov/plastics