Rental Housing Policies

Community Invited to Participate in Conversation about Rental Housing Policies
Posted on 02/15/2019
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Updated April 11, 2019 

In late May or early June, the Burien City Council will be discussing a suite of complementary policies and programs to help protect renters, reduce evictions, address housing affordability, and poor housing conditions.

Summary of proposed tenant protections

Published February, 2019. Updated draft policies incorporating community feedback will be published in late May or early June.

Community Engagement

The City of Burien hosted three public events in February and March to better understand the community’s vision of how safe, quality, habitable, and affordable housing looks like and how potential tenant protections could affect both renters and landlords in Burien. Burien City Councilmembers and City staff were present. 

Next steps

City staff are working on a second draft of the proposed policies. City staff and Council are also closely watching the Washington State legislature’s progress on several bills related to rental housing and tenant protections. The next draft of Burien’s proposed legislation will reflect changes based on what happens at the State level so that the legislation isn’t duplicated.

The City is planning another public meeting in May where the community can learn about the next draft of the proposed rental housing policies and provide feedback. Staff will incorporate that feedback into the final draft of legislation that is presented to Council for discussion and action in late May or early June.


Please direct any questions or comments about the meetings or the proposed rental housing policies to [email protected].