#TreeSelfie Photo Contest

Celebrate Burien’s Urban Forest by Sharing a #TreeSelfie
Posted on 05/01/2019
Celebrate Burien’s Urban Forest by Sharing a #TreeSelfie

The City of Burien is holding a #TreeSelfie photo contest, where one lucky individual will win $25 if they correctly identify a tree, snap a photo of themselves with it, and let us know on Instagram before May 31. The contest celebrates Burien’s urban forest and partnership with the Green Cities program and Forterra.

To enter the contest, take a selfie with a local tree around Burien for Instagram, identify the location of the tree in the caption, and include the hashtag #treeselfie and tag @CityofBurien before May 31 to be entered into a $25 drawing. Extra consideration will be given to those who correctly identify the tree species. The winner will be announced on social media.

Make sure to check out the Burien Magazine Spring Issue for a field guide to trees in Burien to help you correctly identify Burien’s trees.