Hotel Developer Selected for Downtown Burien

Hotel Developer Selected for Downtown Burien
Posted on 12/20/2018
Map and hotel.

On December 3, 2018 the Burien City Council selected Hotel Concepts as the buyer and developer of City-owned land. The winning proposal includes a 140-guest room hotel and approximately 100 units of multifamily development.

“The hotel and multi-family development will fit well within our urbanizing downtown and complements other recent development,” says Andrea Snyder, City of Burien Economic Development Manager. “The community has long wanted a hotel in Burien and attracting a hotel is part of the City’s strategic plan.”

Hotel Concepts has 25 years of experience in developing real estate in the Pacific Northwest. During that time, they have helped build and open 24 hotels. Their affiliate, BMI Hospitality, currently manages 15 hotel properties.

“Hotel Concepts had for many years thought of Burien as a great location for a hotel and have been looking for an opportunity,” says Ed Kim, CFO of BM Investment Fund, Inc. and founding partner of Hotel Concepts.

“When we visited the site, we were struck by how ideal the site was not just for a hotel, but multi-family housing as well. We hope that our project will help bring more attention to the beauty, convenience, and vitality of the city and act as a catalyst for further growth of the community and the expansion of the city's inclusive and diverse downtown.”

In September of 2018, the City of Burien issued a request for proposals (RFP) for hotel development on a City-owned land.

Three proposals were received and evaluated by an advisory committee made up of City staff and experts in finance, hotel development, hotel operations, and corporate events planning. Two firms were selected to be interviewed by Council on November 26.

The future hotel will be located on SW 150th St between 1st and 4th Ave, a 7-minute drive from Sea-Tac International Airport. The site offers transit accessibility between the airport and the Seattle region while also offering hotel guests the convenience of a walkable downtown full of restaurants, bakeries, and services.

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