City of Burien Files Lawsuit for Breach of Interlocal Agreement

City of Burien Files Lawsuit Against King County and King County Sheriff’s Office
Posted on 03/28/2024
Statement from City of Burien.

The City of Burien has filed a lawsuit against King County and the King County Sheriff's Office for refusing to enforce any portion of Burien Municipal Code 9.85.150 and refusing to comply with the Interlocal Agreement's dispute resolution process that every contract city agrees to with King County.

In breaching the Interlocal Agreement, King County has placed its judgment over that of Burien's duly elected officials; denied the City of Burien its authority to assist and protect Burien residents, businesses, and property; prevented Burien's City Manager from providing direction to the contract police as stated in the Interlocal Agreement; and interfered with Burien's effort to provide guidance for the unhoused within the city’s boundaries.

The lawsuit is filed in the Superior Court of Washington for Snohomish County (case # 24-2-02338-31).


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Updated March 29, 2024