Graffiti Removal

City of Burien is committed to maintaining clean neighborhoods and business areas. Quick reporting and removal of graffiti will help stop additional tagging from occurring again. When you report graffiti, either the Code Compliance Officer or Burien Police Department will come out to the reported location, document and photograph the graffiti, and work with the property owner to remove or paint over the graffiti as quickly as possible. Property Owners are responsible for the removal of graffiti from their property.

Report Graffiti

Graffiti Removal Program for Commercial Properties

TAG, a graffiti-removal program for commercial properties, is available free of charge. To be eligible for this program:

  1. The property owner and business owner, if applicable, must sign a Consent to Entry and Hold Harmless Agreement form, authorizing the City staff to remove graffiti:
  2. The business or rental property must have a current Burien business or rental housing license, as applicable.

The contracted company doing the removal will do everything within reason to match your building color. Removal will consist, if needed, of pressure washing before repainting. Only the actual area of graffiti will be painted or pressure washed. The finished product will include square corners. Glass surfaces are not included.

If you wish to participate in this program, please complete the appropriate Consent to Entry and Hold Harmless Agreement and return it to the City's Code Compliance Office either by regular mail, in person, or by emailing Manuela Ginnett.   

As with residential properties, commercial property owners who choose not to participate in the program must remove graffiti on their property within five business days from the date of the Graffiti Removal Notice issued by the City of Burien's Code Compliance Officer, pursuant to Burien Municipal Code 8.55. The City of Burien offers paint and applicators to affected property owners at no charge by presenting the notice to Burien’s Miller Paint store, 636 SW 152nd St., or Sherwin Williams Paint, 15833 1st Ave. S.


Updated May 15, 2024