Council Roundup: October 25, 2021

Climate Action Plan, Boulevard Park Flooding, Mental Health Services
Posted on 10/28/2021
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The Burien City Council discussed its current insurance policy, Climate Action Plan, Boulevard Park Flooding Study, King County’s crisis response system, and appointments to regional boards and committees during a study session.

Washington Cities Insurance Authority Presents Overview of Insurance Services Provided to the City of Burien

Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) provides pooled insurance coverage for municipalities including the City of Burien. WCIA presented information to the City Council on its background, its relationship with the City, current coverage limits, and the claim process.

WCIA also shared that it offers legal risk management assistance, training, and reimbursements for accreditations designed for municipal employees, staff development and mitigation grants, and experienced staff devoted to handling municipal claims and litigation.

Burien’s First Climate Action Plan Discussed

Staff presented a draft of the City’s first community-wide Climate Action Plan. The plan is the result of an analysis of Burien’s greenhouse gas emissions and months of consultation with key stakeholders and gathering community feedback.

A resolution to adopt the plan will be presented at their November 1, 2021 meeting. The implementation plan for the Climate Action Plan will also be discussed at this meeting.  

Boulevard Park Flooding Study Presented

Staff presented results of a study looking at causes and possible solutions for widespread chronic flooding in the Boulevard Park neighborhood. The neighborhood has experienced nuisance flooding for many years, but circumstances have changed in recent years that have exacerbated this flooding and resulted in more frequent flooding of two homes.

The stormwater conveyance system in this Boulevard Park neighborhood is primarily privately owned and flows south through the neighborhood and eventually crosses Des Moines Memorial Drive into the city of SeaTac. The City analyzed the likely causes of both the long-term chronic flooding and the more recent severe flooding, researched possible solutions, and proposed recommended solutions to permanently alleviate this flooding.

The City Council directed staff to explore alternatives to solutions presented in the study.

Read results of the study, including an interactive online map showing locations of specific flooding issues.

City Council Learns about Crisis Response System in King County

Kelli Nomura, Director of King County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Division, presented an overview of the crisis response system in King County. She provided a summary of how King County combines multiple public funding sources to support a continuum of crisis care.

Sound Cities Association Seeks Appointments to Regional Boards and Committees

Councilmembers expressed their interest and intention to apply for appointment to regional boards and committees. The Sound Cities Association (SCA) has appointing authority for numerous boards and committees covering topics such as affordable housing and homelessness, economic development, growth management and land use, and the environment. The SCA’s Public Issues Committee, comprised of elected officials from across the region, makes recommendations to the SCA Board, who makes the final appointments.

Reception for Outgoing Councilmembers Scheduled for December 6, 2021

The City Council will host a virtual reception honoring outgoing councilmembers on December 6, 2021. More details will be announced soon.