Council Roundup: June 1, 2020

Restaurant Delivery Fees, COVID-19, Enhanced Services Facilities, Hazard Mitigation Plan
Posted on 06/08/2020
Hard hat on safety barrier, construction site.

Council discussed the federal funding for COVID-19 response, Transportation Improvement Program, Enhanced Services Facilities, third-party delivery fees, Burien’s hazard mitigation plan, and more.

King County Set to Move into Modified Phase 1 of Governor’s “Safe Start” Plan

City Attorney Garmon Newsom III provided an update on the status of King County’s application to move into a modified phase 1 “Safe Start” plan. Learn more.

US Capitol.

Federal Funding to Support Local Response to COVID-19

The City of Burien received funding through the CARES Stimulus Act to help pay for expenses related to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Burien’s finance director presented a proposal for how the City plans to spend that funding. More than half of the funding will go to grants and programs that provide relief and services to Burien community members.

2021-2026 Transportation Improvement Program

Council hosted a public hearing on the 2021-2026 Transportation Improvement Program. The plan offers very few changes to the plan Council approved last year. The changes include a revision of the cost estimate for the 1st Ave S project phase 3. The project has a more accurate cost estimate informed by the design phase, which is underway. The 5th Ave S project has been deleted because the project is almost complete.

There a few projects that are under design and will be close to “shovel ready” if funding could be secured.

  • 4th Ave SW from 156th to 160th sidewalk
  • SW 148th Street – 4th and 6th Intersections
  • 136th sidewalk project

Council will vote to approve the 2021-2026 Transportation Improvement Program on June 15.

What is the TIP?

The Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a six-year planning document updated annually that lists of needed transportation infrastructure projects that may begin work in the next six years. Every two years, the Council approves projects from the TIP to be completed during the two-year budget cycle.

Delivery worker and takeout food containers.

Third-party Platform Delivery Charges on Local Restaurants

Council approved a resolution calling on the Governor's office and the King County Council to consider action to limit these third-party platform delivery fees at a state or county level in order to protect the financial sustainability of our Burien businesses.

Staff will present more policy options at a future meeting.

Landslide and road.

City of Burien Plan Annex to the King County Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Council heard a presentation on the City of Burien Hazard Mitigation Plan. The City’s plan will be submitted as an annex to King County’s Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan. Council will vote to approve the plan on the June 18 meeting.

The plan identifies Burien’s hazard risks, such as earthquake and landslides, and what long-term and short-term policies, programs, projects, and can help alleviate harm from those hazards. Local agencies are required to develop such a plan. It also establishes eligibility for funding under FEMA grant programs.

Read the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Row of houses.

Enhanced Services Facilities (ESFs)

Council voted to adopt the Burien Planning Commission’s recommendation to permit Enhanced Services Facilities in all zones in Burien. There are currently no organizations seeking to build an ESF in Burien.

Learn more about Enhanced Services Facilities.

Future Discussion Topics

Council voted to issue a proclamation thanking City of Burien staff for their service during COVID-19 and a proclamation thanking essential workers. They also voted to discuss at a future council meeting rent relief and a compensation fund for small landlords.