Council Roundup: February 24, 2020

Enhanced Services Facilities, BEDP, Human Services, Fee Study, Minimum Wage
Posted on 02/27/2020
Financial documents being written on in pen, with calculator nearby

Council extended a moratorium on enhanced services facilities, approved the Business and Economic Development Partnership work plan, approved funding priorities for the Human Services Fund, discussed a fee study, and directed research be done into a minimum wage in Burien.

Enhanced Services Facilities Moratorium Extended

Council voted to extend a moratorium on the filing of applications for licenses, permits, and approvals for any enhanced services facility or comparable business within the city of Burien until the end of State legislative session plus 90 days.

Business and Economic Development Partnership Work Plan

Council approved the Business and Economic Development Partnership’s work plan. Key initiatives include:

  • Create targeted business attraction strategies.
  • Participation in Ambaum Corridor Visioning Project.
  • Recommend strategies for Boulevard Park business district support.
  • Study downtown dumpster lock program and mandatory garbage service.
  • Make recommendations on 1st Ave S light pole design.
  • Discuss business displacement mitigation strategies.
  • Study whether food trucks should be allowed in Burien.
  • Examine the pros and cons of establishing a minimum wage in Burien, including a $16 per hour minimum wage.

Priorities for 2021—2022 Human Services Grant Fund Approved by Council

Council approved new funding priorities for the 2021—2022 Human Services Fund cycle. Council allocates a portion of the General Fund budget to grant funding to organizations delivering direct services in our community. The new funding priorities will guide the Human Services Commission’s evaluation of applications for the 2021—2022 funding cycle.

Funding will be given to programs that help Burien community members:

  • Have secure, affordable housing
  • Be safe from violence within their families and communities
  • Be healthy, physically and mentally
  • Have living wage jobs
  • Have early childhood education and youth success

While programs may receive small amounts of money from the City of Burien, they are able to leverage other sources of funding and volunteers to provide more services to Burien residents. The funding also helps the City connect and build relationships with these organizations, which supports more services and programs in Burien.

Community Development, Parks, and Public Works Departments Fee Study

Council discussed hiring a consultant to conduct a comprehensive study of development fees assessed by the Community Development and Public Works departments and program and facility rental fees assessed by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department. This will be voted on through the consent agenda on March 2, 2020.

Support for Pedestrian Connector Routes in SeaTac

Council will be signing a letter of support for legislative funding for a study that will explore pedestrian safety across International Boulevard in SeaTac. SeaTac has a large population of refugee and immigrants who do not have access to vehicles and must travel by foot. Data shows that there is a high rate of vehicle and pedestrian accidents on International Boulevard and near the Sound Transit Light Rail Stations. Addressing public safety risks will ensure these vulnerable populations will have access to economic opportunities and remain safe while crossing this corridor.

Council Retreat Scheduled for April 25, 2020

Council holds a working retreat every year to discuss strategic initiatives. This year’s retreat will be held on April 25, 2020. Council will begin discussion of a new four-year strategic plan. The current strategic plan ends in 2020.

Support for Puget Sound Gateway Program

The Puget Sound Gateway Program is pursuing a Federal Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) Grant in the amount of $98.4 million. Council will be signing a letter of support for the grant.

Support for Creative District

The Creative District Committee, led by Andrea Reay, president and CEO of Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and Shelli Park of Crimson Park Design, is pursuing a Certified Creative District designation for Burien. Council voted to support the committee’s work plan, which includes applying for Certified Creative District designation and convening a steering committee to conduct a community engagement process to seek feedback from stakeholders for this process.