Council Roundup: August 5, 2019

SCORE Jail, Burien Police Officer Honored, Mercado Update, Peter Western Bridge Update, Rental Housing Policy, VISION 2050
Posted on 08/09/2019
Rental Housing Policy

Council heard an update on SCORE jail, recognized Burien Police Sgt. Chad Meyers, and discussed a "mercado", Peter Western Bridge Construction, Burien Fire Department, rental housing policy, the Puget Sound Regional Council VISION 2050, and more.

SCORE Jail Update

SCORE’s Executive Director presented information around the state of the correctional entity, highlighting changes made to better manage the budget, funding methods, healthcare treatment, and management process.

Burien Police Sergeant Chad Myers Honored with Commander’s Award

Sgt. Chad Myers was recognized for his exemplary service to the community by Police Chief Theodore Boe. Sgt. Myers implemented a number of new programs while with the Burien Police Department, such as Badges and Barbells, an exercise-focused youth engagement project, the Teen Police Academy that connects youth with Burien Police, and quarterly training sessions with community Block Watch Captains. Sgt. Myers has been instrumental in the success of the City of Burien's Navigation Team, Community Court,  and LEAD programs. This work has earned Sgt. Myers the Commander’s Award, one of the highest honors in the Burien Police Department. He was also recognized for his promotion to the King County Sheriff’s Office Gang Unit.

Mercado Location Update

Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager, provided an update to Council about the potential “mercado” or vendor market in Burien. This included an explanation on two new potential locations and the results of conversations with regional partners to support the mercado.

Peter Western Bridge Construction Bid Update

Maiya Andrews, public works director, announced the selection of Hamilton Construction to construct the new Peter Western Bridge. The contract award was $4.59 million, with construction beginning in the end of August and with completion expected by the end of 2020.

Burien Fire Department Report

Mike Marrs, King County Fire District No. 2 fire chief, provided a report to Council of Burien Fire Department’s statistics for the first six months of 2019. There have been a total of 5,527 calls for service, which is an increase from 2018. There has also been an increase in brush fires and dumpster fires.

Council Approves King County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

Council unanimously approved the King County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan to manage solid waste.

Discussion of Affordable Housing Strategies and Rental Housing Policy

Lisa Marshall, city attorney, presented the findings from the four community meetings around rental housing policy. A plan to successfully implement a rental housing inspection program was laid out, including the creation of a new City position to act as ombudsman and enforce rental housing policies. Council directed staff to return with specific information for funding this new position.

Discussion of Short-Term and Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategies

Council discussed updates from City staff about affordable housing policy and strategies. The presentation incorporated earlier feedback from Council in an April meeting. The focus was on ways to increase access to affordable housing, what creating a housing action plan would look like, and how to support current affordable housing. The City would also apply for different grants, including a $5,000,000 grant from the Department of Commerce.

Council Discussed Puget Sound Regional Council’s VISION 2050

Council heard a presentation about Puget Sound Regional Council’s Vision 2050. They discussed supporting the plan’s vision to address the region’s rapid growth. Council also encouraged the public to view and comment on the plan before September 16.