sw 153rd street improvement survey

Project Background

In January of 2018 the City Council approved the 2018 Business and Economic Development Partnership (BEDP) work plan, including recommended next steps for potential enhancements and improvements to SW 153rd Street. The work plan called for the BEDP to conduct outreach to property owners and business owners on SW 153rd Street to discover more about their future plans, and what improvements to SW 153rd Street would be most beneficial to their businesses and investments.

Foundational Research

The BEDP reviewed several past City studies that referenced SW 153rd Street to gather information and build on the work that has been conducted previously. The BEDP also received a presentation from Paul Fuesel, Principal from KPG, and project lead for the SW 153rd Street Preliminary visioning report. Ideas and concepts from those past studies were then included in the survey questions. As the street and its businesses have changed quite a bit since these studies were complete (some more than 20 years ago) the BEDP thought it important to gather current information from business and property owners before making recommendations that will affect those stakeholders. 

Survey Response

In June 2018, the BEDP reached out to each business and property owner on SW 153rd Street through mail, email and personal visits to promote survey participation. 40 business owners (43% response rate) and 18 property owners (38% response rate) completed the survey and shared their thoughts on opportunities, concerns and existing conditions on the street. The BEDP then compiled and analyzed the data over several meetings to identify major themes, potential challenges, and existing opportunities to build on to improve the corridor. 

Survey Results

153rd Business Owner Survey Results

Next Steps 

In November 2018, the BEDP will invite survey respondents to participate in a roundtable of SW 153rd business owners and property owners to discuss ideas and potential recommendations based on the survey results and analysis. The BEDP will then report back to Council in Q4 on potential recommendations to increase the economic vitality of SW 153rd and provide support for the local businesses who operate there. 

Past City Studies Reviewed by the BEDP

2016 - Downtown Mobility Study
2011 - 153rd KPG Preliminary Visioning Report
1999 - Downtown Burien Streetscape Design Plan
1998 - Hyett Palma Study