Downtown Mobility Study

With downtown Burien recognized by the Puget Sound Regional Council as one of 25 regional growth centers, the City has prioritized the need to plan for increased density and transportation options in the near and longer term. In support of those goals, the City initiated a Downtown Mobility Study to provide a toolbox of strategies and policy levers that can be used to jumpstart the development Burien desires.

The purpose of the Downtown Mobility Study was to improve transportation options to and through the downtown area, with a specific focus on bicycle and pedestrian mobility, transit connectivity, and parking. The study builds on Burien’s unique character to create a multimodal vision for the future. All of the strategies identified in this document work toward three overarching goals:

  1. Improve multimodal connections within Burien
  2. Increase Downtown’s multigenerational appeal
  3. Elevate Burien’s position in the region

The study provides an overview of Burien today, the City’s economic development goals and how the Mobility Study helps advance these goals, the process that created the Mobility Study, and the major recommendations (or ‘Big Moves’) that will help the City achieve its overall vision.

Several of the recommendations of the study are already being implemented, including: wayfinding, parking code updates, ADA accessible treatments, strategic marketing of Burien’s advantages to potential development, enhanced regional transit, enhanced pedestrian crossings, and activating spaces. Read more about two of these projects below.


In 2016, the City utilized economic development grant funds to complete a design of a wayfinding system, which was completed in June 2017. In fall of 2017, the City applied for and was awarded a Port of Seattle Economic Development Partnership grant of more than $50,000 that will go towards fabrication and installation of the wayfinding signage. The installation of the signs in the Downtown core is expected to be complete in summer 2018.

Parking Code Update

In November 2017, the City Council passed changes to the parking regulations in the downtown Burien that exempt new businesses in existing buildings from providing additional off-street vehicle parking. These changes reduce barriers for new business startups and encourages property investment by updating existing structures.