Northeast Redevelopment Area

In 2010, the City of Burien, in partnership with the Port of Seattle, completed a Redevelopment Plan and Implementation Strategy for Burien’s 135-acre Northeast Redevelopment Area (NERA), located between 8th Avenue South, Des Moines Memorial Drive, and South 138th Street. The goal of the plan was to transform the NERA from a mixture of vacant, residential, public, and small commercial land uses to uses compatible with Sea-Tac International Airport operations and existing and planned surrounding land uses.

The plan includes flexible and market-responsive redevelopment scenarios and newly adopted policies and development regulations to guide long-term development in the NERA. 


Work on the plan began in March 2008 and concluded in April 2010. Over this two-year period, the City, Port, and consultants held various stakeholder and community meetings, published various studies, and completed a final report. These studies and reports are part of the appendices listed below. The Burien City Council also adopted new Comprehensive Plan policies, land use designations, zoning standards, and new zoning for the NERA. All of these changes were incorporated into the City's Comprehensive Plan text and map, and Zoning Code text and map.

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

As part of this project, the City issued Draft and Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements (DSEIS and FSEIS) on the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Changes, and the Burien City Council adopted a “planned action” ordinance to streamline environmental review for projects in the NERA.

Final Plan

The final plan report was completed in early 2010. This report summarizes all study-related activities and lays out a rolling three-year strategy of both general and specific actions that the City and Port can take to transform the NERA.

The final plan is available online (see below). Copies also can be viewed at the Burien Library and City Hall, 400 SW 152nd Street.


For more information on the NERA redevelopment strategy or about development in the NERA, please contact the City of Burien Community Development Department at (206) 248-5510.

Updated December 28, 2023