Burien Housing Action Plan

Over the last 20 years, housing costs have risen much faster than incomes in Burien. Housing is becoming out of reach for a growing percentage of the community, including families with children, seniors, local workers, young adults, and others.

In response to this need, the City of Burien developed a Housing Action Plan to meet current and future community needs. The Housing Action Plan was approved the Burien City Council on September 20, 2021.

About the Housing Action Plan

The City received a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce to create a Housing Action Plan by June 2021. Burien’s Housing Action Plan: 

  • Uses an equity lens to develop clear, actionable strategies to meet all our community’s current and future housing needs.
  • Is based on data and analysis grounded in an inclusive public process.
  • Provides a road map for how we can work together to identify policies, implement specific actions, leverage resources, and continue to engage with members of the public.
  • Is tailored to the needs of Burien to ensure healthy, safe, and affordable housing for all.

Webinars and Public Meetings

Staff hosted two live forums with housing professionals to foster a discussion about housing and development issues in Burien.

On June 4, 2020 the City of Burien hosted a panel discussion with local development professionals to discuss development issues in Burien. 

Panelists discussed the general development climate and market in Burien, permitting and zoning issues, and how to increase affordability in new housing.

View the recorded webinar.

On July 30, 2020 the City of Burien hosted a panel discussion with professionals and experts on affordable housing.

View the recorded webinar.

Past Burien City Council and Planning Commission Discussions

Learn more about how the City of Burien is supporting affordable housing.

Updated October 13, 2022