S 136th Street Sidewalk Improvements

Project Location

S 136th Street from 1st Ave S to Des Moines Memorial Drive


Project Overview

S 136th Street is a critical corridor within the City of Burien. The purpose of this project is to improve the corridor for all users. This project will add bike lanes in each direction, remove and replace existing sidewalks, remove trees, and repave the roadway along the corridor.  In order to minimize impacts to adjacent properties, on-street parking on the north side of the roadway will be eliminated to accommodate bike lanes and sidewalks. On-street parking will generally be provided on the south side, but will be eliminated at some locations to accommodate driveway reconstruction needs.

Improvements will include:

  • Improved sidewalks
  • Improved crossing at 3rd Ave S
  • Bike lanes
  • Asphalt pavement overlay
  • ADA accessible curb ramps
  • Traffic signal improvements
  • Drainage infrastructure

Cross-section illustration of roadway, bike lane, and sidewalk.

Cross-section illustration of street corridor improvements (looking to the east).

Why is this project needed?

S 136th Street has significant issues that the City of Burien would like to address such as dangerous sidewalks with accessibility issues, lack of bike lanes, and roadway pavement in poor condition. Improperly placed trees nearing the end of their lives are severely damaging sidewalks, and do not allow adequate space for all users to safely pass.

Tree uplifting pavement.

Existing tree nearing end of its life is damaging and blocking sidewalk. 

Project Status

  • Design: Underway
  • Construction: Summer/Fall 2022
  • Construction Complete: Late 2023

Project Manager

Robin Tischmak, PE
Deputy Public Works Director
(206) 241-4647
[email protected]

Updated March 29, 2022