Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (aka H.A.W.K.)

Project Overview

The HAWK beacon is a new kind of crosswalk system technically called a pedestrian hybrid beacon.  It is designed to enhance safety for pedestrians when crossing the street at mid-block crosswalks or other locations that are not controlled by stop signs or regular traffic signals. HAWK stands for High-intensity Activated crossWalK. Unlike traditional traffic lights, HAWK beacons have four phases: blinking yellow, solid yellow, solid red, and blinking red. The beacon is only activated by a pedestrian.

How is a HAWK beacon different from other traffic signals or beacons?

Like conventional traffic signals, the HAWK beacon controls traffic to allow pedestrians to cross the street safely. Unlike conventional traffic signals, the HAWK beacon stays in "dark mode" until activated by a pedestrian.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When the pedestrian push button is pushed, the beacon immediately flashes yellow to warn drivers.
  2. The beacon then turns solid yellow. Drivers in all lanes shall begin stopping at stop locations noted by signs and road stop bars.
  3. When the beacon turns solid red, all drivers shall legally come to a complete stop. Pedestrians are then informed to begin crossing.
  4. When the beacon then flashes red, drivers may proceed when the driver's lane and adjacent lane are completely clear.
  5. Drivers do not have to stop when the HAWK beacon is dark.

How to Use a high-intensity activated crosswalk beacon.

Project Status

Work is completed and new pedestrian signal is fully operational.

Project Manager

Brian Victor, (206) 241-4647