5th Ave S Traffic Calming

Project Location 

5th Avenue South corridor, between S 116th and S 126th Streets

Project Overview

The City of Burien is addressing chronic speeding and traffic safety concerns in the 5th Avenue South corridor, between S 116th and S 126th Streets. This project evaluates and designs traffic calming features such as compact roundabouts at intersections, mid-block chicanes, re-channelization, and integrated low impact design features.

Proposed improvements include:
Traffic calming devices such as speed "cushions"
- Radar speed signs
- Intersection control revisions at S 116th St
- Channelization and signing modifications along the corridor
- Bioretention swales for drainage management

Project work was presented at an 
Open House Community Meeting held Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

For project overview of overall plans, please go to the KPG website or type in: https://www.kpg.com/burien-5th-ave-tc.

Project Status

Design Engineering Completed: April 2019

Construction Start Date: August 28, 2019
Construction Completion Date: Dec
ember 2019

New! Traffic revision at S 116th Street and 5th Avenue South.

Project Manager 

Brian Victor, (206) 241-4647