Lake Burien school Memorial Park Improvement

Project Status

In progress

Project Overview

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PaRCS) department is committed to working with neighbors and the broader community to develop a feasibility design for improvements to Lake Burien School Memorial Park. PaRCS staff will work with consultants to develop a presentation for City Council, incorporating neighborhood needs and vision for their park.

Project Timeline

The Lake Burien School Memorial Park community met in 2017 to provide planning suggestions, priorities, and feedback regarding future park improvements. In addition, 174 survey responses were received. This information was documented by the consultant, J.A. Brennan, who is currently working with technical consultants to advance the final conceptual drawings and preliminary budget estimate.

Final conceptual drawings were presented during an open house held on June 15, 2017 at Merrill Gardens.

PaRCS staff presented Lake Burien School Memorial Park community recommendations to Council on July 17, 2017.

Project Documents