Eagle Landing Park Stairway Project

Project Status

In progress.

August 20, 2018 Council members directed staff to proceed with the removal of stairs (pilings to remain).  Staff will begin to work with consultants to facilitate the dismantling process and to review options for future use and park access.  

Project Overview

The Eagle Landing Park property was acquired in 2002. A commitment for project funding was that no structures would be built that would impact natural sediment delivery to the shoreline, such as bulkheads. Stairs connecting people to the shoreline were constructed in 2005. Starting in late 2014, damage to the stairs was noticed and the stairway was closed to public use due to safety concerns. In late 2015, lower sections of the stairs were removed because they were falling down the hillside from erosion undercutting. On November 21, 2016, City Council approved as part of the 2017–2018 budget a project to terminate the stairs mid-slope at a platform and remove the lower portion of the stairs. Since the stairway closure, the site has been frequently monitored and evaluated for hillside stability.

Project Documents

Geotechnical reports about Eagle Landing Park: