Burien Annex Closes Due to Structural Deficiencies

Burien Annex Closes and City of Burien Will Assist Nonprofit Tenants with Relocation
Posted on 12/09/2019
Burien Community Center Annex.

The City of Burien is closing the Burien Community Center Annex because initial inspections have found significant concerns with the structural integrity of the building. The building’s current tenants include: Burien Actor’s Theatre, Hi-Liners Musical Theatre, Para los Niños, Burien Cooperative Preschool, Transform Burien, Meals on Wheels, and Journey Arts and Crafts.

The City will not be renewing the facility lease agreements, which end on December 31, 2019, with these organizations. The organizations must be out of the building by January 31, 2020.

“These organizations provide tremendous value to the Burien community and we recognize the impact this will have on the people they serve,” said Brian J. Wilson, Burien City Manager. “We will make every effort to help the organizations find a new location.”

This assistance could potentially be accomplished by allowing them use of other City facilities or City staff helping identify local real estate for rent.

The City hired MENG Analysis to conduct an examination of the Annex in order to provide an assessment of the condition of the Annex’s roof, chimney, boiler, HVAC, air quality, electrical, foundation, and other fixtures. The City undertook this evaluation in order to inform the City’s decisions moving forward as to whether the Annex is salvageable or should be demolished. 

The consultant delivered a verbal assessment of the condition of the Annex to City officials on Monday, December 2, 2019. The consultant reported that while the Annex presents no immediate health, life, and safety danger, the building’s chimney, ventilation, plumbing, boiler, electrical, and ventilation systems are in serious need of repair and/or replacement. The extent to which these repairs are necessary may result in the City making a decision to demolish the building. The final report from MENG Analysis detailing the condition of the building will be published mid-January on the City’s website.

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