Trees and Urban Forest Management

The City of Burien works with residents and businesses to maximize the aesthetic, environmental, and economic impact that trees provide by managing, preserving, and enhancing Burien’s existing tree canopy and vegetation.

The City manages major street planting projects and the inspection, pruning, and removal of hazardous trees. The City also provides information and resources to homeowners, businesses, and developers on proper planting and care of trees.

October is Urban & Community Forestry Month

Gov. Jay Inslee officially proclaimed October as “Urban and Community Forestry Month” in Washington for the eighth consecutive year, encouraging all Washingtonians to reflect on the value of community trees and appreciate their beauty and benefits. Read the proclamation here.

During this time of year our urban forests, planted with native and non-native trees, provide a unique array of colors and connect us with the spirit of nature, painting our communities with the warm tones of autumn - orange, red and purple - and reminding us that planting new trees can always provide hope for a better tomorrow.

Green Cities Partnership

With funding from the Port of Seattle’s Airport Community Ecology (ACE) Fund, Forterra, a local nonprofit, is expanding its Green Cities Partnership program to Burien, SeaTac, and Des Moines. The partnership will help the City of Burien restore and care for Burien’s urban forest. The project goals through 2020 include:

  • Assessments of current tree canopy cover and forest health conditions in parks and natural areas.
  • Community outreach and engagement to guide project prioritization and implementation.
  • Developing a 20-year plan for restoring forests and increasing tree canopy in Burien.
  • Implementation of projects and volunteer programs to organize local neighbors and community groups to plant trees, remove invasive plant species, and meet restoration goals.

Photo of person holding tree branches and pruners.

Draft Green Burien Partnership Urban Forest Stewardship Plan

Download a PDF draft copy of the Green Burien Partnership Urban Forest Stewardship Plan.

Download the Green Cities Partnership and Green Burien Urban Forest Stewardship Plan PowerPoint presentation by Ali Yeates Lakehart of Forterra, shown at the October 19, 2020, City Council meeting.

Trees, Municipal Code and Forestry Program

The City continues to strive for the goal of balancing development with protecting our urban forests. On July 9, 2020, we invited Ian Gray, ISA-certified master arborist, to share his 20+ years of experience working as the urban forestry and natural resource manager for the City of Renton and city forester for Aspen, Colorado. Watch a video of the recorded webinar.

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