Council Roundup: December 19, 2022

Rules of Order, Teamsters Contract, City Manager Employment Contract, Budget, Kinect@Burien
Posted on 12/22/2022
Council chambers. Book. Gavel.

In their last meeting of 2022, the Burien City Council adopted new rules of order and civility, approved a list of proclamations for 2023, approved salary adjustments for Teamsters-represented City staff, updated city manager employment contract, adopted ordinance updating 2022 budget, and heard a presentation on construction progress of Kinect@Burien development in downtown Burien.

New Rules of Civility and Updated Rules of Order Guide Management of Council Meetings

The City Council adopted new rules of civility and updated rules of order to guide management of council meetings. Changes include:

  • Written public comments will no longer be read aloud at meetings
  • Clarified the motion and motion amendment process
  • Clarified how the Council will regulate itself
  • Expanding prohibition of executive session confidentiality to apply to councilmembers even after end of their City Council terms

Proclamations in 2023 Approved

After adding Lunar New Year and Jewish American Heritage Month, the City Council approved a list of proclamations they wish to issue in 2023.

Salary Adjustment Approved for City Staff Represented by Teamsters Local Union No. 763

The City Council approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that documents the results of the 2022 salary survey and an increase to wages for those City staff represented by Teamsters Local Union No. 763. The MOU also reviewed their current standby hourly rate and provides an increase to their annual clothing allowance. The existing collective bargaining agreement is valid through December 31, 2024. Ten members of staff in the Public Works Maintenance Division are represented by the union.

City Manager Employment Contract Updated

The City Council approved an amendment to the city manager’s employment contract that would allow the city manager the option to accept or decline annual cost-of-living adjustments to his salary. A correction was also made to reconcile the amount of vacation hours the city manager was allowed to accrue.

Budget Ordinance Reconciles Appropriation Authority, Including New Grant Funding in 2022 Budget

The City Council adopted an ordinance that adjusts the 2022 budget to reflect updated appropriations for revenues and expenditures. The updated budget ordinance helps the City present a more accurate baseline for budgeting and accounting in the future.

The technical adjustments are primarily related to previously approved goods and services from 2021 (expenditure and revenue carry overs), annual reconciliation of the Capital Improvement Program, recognition of new grant awards, and the City's American Rescue Plan Act Implementation Action Plan.

The Capital Improvement Program is considered as a multi-year budget since many projects require more than one year to complete. As a result, the program is reconciled and updated on an annual basis to make certain resources are available to fund new and ongoing projects. The update was presented as part of the budget process.

The City was recently awarded two new 2022 grants from the state's Department of Commerce for climate planning and implementation and to evaluate middle housing zoning options.

Based on the City's ARPA Implementation Action Plan and Resolution No. 491, the budget is amended to recognize the allowed revenue loss per federal guidelines.

Kinect@Burien Developer Presents Update on Construction Progress

The developer of Kinect@Burien, presented an update on construction progress, including efforts to achieve the fundamental project elements and goals set forth in the disposition and development agreement (DDA) negotiated with the City. Kinect@Burien is a new mixed-use multifamily housing development coming to downtown Burien.

In October 2020, the City executed a DDA with American Property Development for sale and redevelopment of an underutilized city property at SW 151st St and SW 8th St in downtown Burien. The development included property assemblage with an adjacent parcel to construct a mixed-use multifamily development with ground floor commercial space called Kinect@Burien. Sale of the city-owned land was finalized in June 2021 and construction of Kinect@Burien began in August 2021.

Through negotiation of the DDA, the project will include 220+ multifamily units, 8,000+ ground floor commercial retail space, 20% of the units as affordable to renters at 80% AMI in accordance with the City multifamily tax exemption program, be built to LEED Silver standards and provide underground parking for residents. In addition, the project also plans to achieve ‘Green Globes’ building certification.

Construction of the project also includes a local hiring program, program to promote woman and minority-owned (WMO) firms, a $250,000 donation to the Highline School District construction pre-apprenticeship program, and required construction schedule and project milestones.