Council Roundup: October 17, 2022

Renter Protections, Proclamations, Equity Committee, Budget, Comprehensive Plan, SKHHP, Rules of Order
Posted on 10/25/2022
Map of Burien with comprehensive plan document on top.

The Burien City Council discussed strengthened renter protections. They also discussed new rules of order to guide management of council meetings, issued two proclamations, and heard a presentation on efforts of a City staff committee committed to advancing racial equity in City of Burien government operations. They held the first public hearing on the 2023-2024 budget, adopted South King Housing and Homelessness Partners (SKHHP) work plan and budget priorities as well as amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

Proclamations Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence, Honor Indigenous Peoples Day

The City Council issued a proclamation to acknowledge Domestic Violence Awareness Month and a proclamation to acknowledge Indigenous Peoples Day.

Advancing Racial Equity Committee Makes Progress

Staff from an internal committee formed to advance racial equity in the City of Burien government presented an overview of how it was formed, who is a part of it, their work plan, equity wins, lessons learned, and next steps.

City Council Continues Discussions of 2023-2024 Budget 

The City Council held the first of several public hearings on the 2023-2024 budget. Staff presented an overview of several budget funds, their purpose, and forecasted revenue amounts and proposed expenditure amounts for the next two years. State law and City code and policies restrict different funding sources for specific uses. Staff noted that budget estimates are conservative to reflect impact of inflation and other economic factors.

Learn more about the specific funds on Community Hub.

SKHHP Workplan and Budget Priorities Approved

The City Council approved the 2023 workplan and priorities for South King Housing and Homelessness Partners (SKHHP). The City of Burien is one of 11 jurisdictions that participates in the partnership.

Amendments Incorporate Plans, Revise Policies in Comprehensive Plan

The City Council placed on consent agenda of the next meeting adoption of the following amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

  • Incorporate the Burien Climate Action Plan by reference
  • Incorporate the Burien Urban Center Streetscape Design Plan by reference
  • Revise Policy NQ 1.2 to clarify terminology and more accurately depict the neighborhood planning process
  • Update Figure 1.1-1 to accurately reflect Burien city limits as of the most recent annexation

The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year master plan managing growth in the city. Proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are carefully considered every year. The City can accept applications from groups or individuals proposing an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan from September 1 through November 1.

The City is also working on a major update to the Comprehensive Plan, helping Burien plan and build over the next two decades.

Strengthening Renter Protections Discussed

The City Council discussed strengthening renter protections in advance of Burien’s eviction moratorium ending at the end of the month. They agreed to discuss and potentially take action at an upcoming meeting.