Strategic Plan

The Burien City Council is developing a plan to guide the City of Burien government for the next 3–5 years, spanning multiple election and budget cycles. The plan helps both the City Council and staff identify areas where they need to focus their efforts.

The City Council and City staff will engage with the community to learn their priorities for the next few years. They will examine those priorities and develop high-level goals that will set the tone for budgeting priorities and staff work planning. The community, staff, and City Council will use the plan as a guide and a measure of accountability.

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Updated May 16, 2022

Upcoming Events

Strategic Plan Special Meetings

 Multiple days, 5–9 p.m., Burien Council Chambers and online
Special meetings of the Burien City Council will feature facilitated discussions on strategic planning on the following days:

  • Tuesday, July 12
  • Thursday, July 14
  • Tuesday, July 26
  • Thursday, July 28

Project Contact

Carolyn Hope

Interim City Manager

 [email protected]