Lake to Sound Trail (Segment C)

Project Location

The Segment C study area is a linear corridor that occurs mostly within the existing road rights-of-way for Des Moines Memorial Drive. The Burien portion of the project starts at the intersection of Des Moines Memorial Drive and South Normandy Road. The trail will parallel Des Moines Memorial Drive in Burien for approximately 2,400 linear feet before entering SeaTac at the State Route (SR) 509 WSDOT right-of-way near Des Moines Memorial Drive and 8th Avenue South. This section of the trail will be constructed in the road right-of-way over roadside fill, roadway shoulders, and roadside ditches.

Map showing location of King County's Lake to Sound trail, with Segment C in Burien highlighted.

Project Overview

King County, together with the Cities of Burien and SeaTac, and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) are proposing to develop an approximately 2.1-mile (11,500 linear feet) segment (Segment C) of what will ultimately be part of the 16-mile Lake to Sound Trail. Segment C would connect the southern terminus of Lake to Sound Trail—Segment B (located at the intersection of Des Moines Memorial Drive and South Normandy Road in Burien) with the Des Moines Creek Trail (located at S 200th Street in SeaTac). Segment C would be built with county and state funding.

Lake to Sound Trail—Segment C is part of a Regional Trail System that provides non-motorized, alternative transportation and a recreational corridor for multiple trail users, including bicyclists, pedestrians, skaters, and others. A goal of the Lake to Sound Trail is to provide non-motorized transportation facilities to economically disadvantaged communities in southwest King County that have been historically underserved by such facilities. Once complete, Segment C would become part of a larger planned system that would serve employment and residential centers in South King County and connect to regional trails in Seattle and the greater Regional Trail System network.

Project Status

This project was broken into phases by Cities. Phase 1 is in SeaTac and Phase 2 is in Burien. SeaTac segment is currently out to bid. Construction is anticipated to begin in Quarter 1 of 2022.

The following information on the project status was available on the official project web site as of January 2022.

Construction update: It is progressing through the final design phase.

Recent Activity: Working through the acquisition of property needed. Developing information and plans for permitting.

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Lake to Sound Trail (King County)